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picture courtesy : Mario Miranda 

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What sets us apart is our deep knowledge of Indian F&B, and our passionate approach to tailor it for the new age consumer, across geographies. Add to this, we bring the power of integrated design thinking that brings new and exciting brands to life.

We tell stories though our menu and designs. 

Our approach to every project is collaborative. Our chefs, designers and architects work hand in hand to develop each and every concept that we create. Then we work closely with you and your team to make sure the concepts translate perfectly from paper to reality. 


Now, let us take a simple example to walk you through our working style. 


That is, lets say you are setting up a new India-inspired casual restaurant in Timbuktu. Your site selection is under progress and you have commissioned us to create an exciting new concept + menu + space, which will stand out amongst the current competition.

Frankly, we get excited by such challenges. So, bring it on.




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p.s. but really important !

 step 01 

it all starts with 

a fantastic concept +

well planned P&L

We start with few questions to you and to ourselves. 

What will be that unique thing our consumer will take notice and step in ?

How can we tell an engaging new story that consumers will remember ? 

Can this Indian menu be creative and new for the locals ?

What are those design elements that your city will love ?



Based on your brief, we start with the research and ideation phase. We develop a fresh new concept, tailored for local market, F&B trends and consumer personality. We stitch together the concept with visual mood boards; menu direction and styling; look and feel of the space; the playlist and communication rhythm that the new brands should speak. 

We create an efficient and compact idea board and alongside that, we assist you and your team to forecast the P&L. We help you to budget the setup cost and the cost of operations after you launch the brand. 

 p.s. It always helps the business if you select an finalise the site   keeping this concpet and P&L 

21 - 28
 working days

Usual time taken by our team

 step 02 

next, we plan the

site, in detail

Once you have selected the site, we will need the survey plans to start core planning process. 


In this stage, we allocate the site functionality and mark the zones. We plot the kitchen and bar, maximise the seating while planning an efficient back area for storage, staff and utilities. Our chef, bar master and architect work together to achieve a really intelligent layout. 


Key features of the space design are incorporated while creating this masterplan.For e.g. will your space have the bar as the most important highlight OR shall there be a show kitchen putting more focus on the food ? Should there be a stage highlighting live performances ? We help you decide a lot of such things here with our proven checklists.

You and your GM will need to play a very crucial role as we progress through this phase. Remember, good design is a collaborative process, iterating through multiple brainstorming sessions. 

14 - 21 
working days

Usual time taken by our team

 step 03 

then, our menu lab gets going on top gear 

We understand Indian food + cocktails very very well. As we gather more and more data of your local market, like trends, competition landscape, pricing maps etc, our chefs start to draft the food menu and our bar master puts together an exciting India-inspired cocktail list. 

This is a core area of our work and deliverable. The process of menu development goes through multiple stages, with recipe testing, styling notes, sourcing and costing the menu being the driving focus. 

Our knowhow and focus on regional Indian cuisine is your advantage

We are always digging up family recipes from moms and grandmas across India

We are pros at adapting home recipes for commercial kitchens

We keep a hawks eye on sustainability, while sourcing local, seasonal & sensible

We are masters of styling, making the food look good

 Note. What we are really really really good at, and why we are exceptional. ​

45 - 60 
working days

Usual time taken by our team

* done in parallel with other deliverables

 step 04 

meanwhile, the branding team gets busy with storytelling

Our deep knowledge of the India of today drives our creative minds to develop engaging stories, creating an strong connection between the audience, product and service. It is just not about the logo or menu cards, our team passionately work on programming the consumer experience across the venue.


From the time the guest discovers your brand, to the moment he or she walks in, the brand needs to connect, each nook and corner needs to tell stories to help repeat visits. We know that, we do that. 

We propose the name and the positioning 

We create the brand identity, develop your brand book 

Our graphicwallas create all your original art

We are your menu card scientist, always tinkering with trendy styles and materials 

And there is always more... packaging, signage, merchandise and so on

28 - 40 
working days

Usual time taken by our team

* done in parallel with other deliverables

 step 05 

our architect brings all of it to life

The concept, food and storytelling comes together as our architect designs your space in flamboyant new ways. This is where the ideas starts becoming real. 

We believe that its our job is to make your life easier.


We pick up the floor plans and design the entire space wall by wall. We develop and present complete 3D models to help you visualise the premise. We will produce detailed technical plans and specifications for the contractor team to work from. Our team hands over well-planned drawings to give utmost clarity to the build team.   

We design the FF&E (bespoke furniture, fixture & lighting) and work with our branding guys very closely keeping all things within allocated budgets.    

In our rule book, designing a restaurant is not just about interiors, but it encompasses the process of kitchen planning, bar service design and work flow efficiency. Each of our doers are constantly collaborating behind the scenes to make sure the brand wins now and everytime. 

40 - 60 
working days

Usual time taken by our team

* done in parallel with other deliverables

 step 06 

then, its all about final trials, training and yet more training...


When ?

The moment your local contractor hands over the site dust-free 

+ all assets, your equipment, crockery, cutlery, glassware are placed in the restaurant. 


We will work closely with your site team and GM to monitor the progress and the moment the place gets in shape, our team will travel to your location. 


This is when we conduct the product trials with your kitchen & bar staff. 

We show the techniques, processes, recipe demos and document the entire exercise. The knowledge is passed seamlessness and we motivate your team all along the way. 

In case you need assistance on selecting your chef and bartender, we are here to help.


So, ready to launch ?  Jai ho!

10 - 14 
working days

Done at your location

we support you after launch

Successful restaurants constantly evolve their menus, engineering it based on price models, sourcing viability, seasonal changes and to match ever demanding guest expectations. 

So, beyond launch, we will always assist you in this process as a long term partner, introducing newness in your food & cocktail menu, whenever required. 

We will keep training the production staff on recipes and techniques, enabling and growing their skill set and thought process. 

 Well, this is just one example. 


 We understand that every project is different and we always tailor our style and  approach as per the format of your venture and based on the exact things you ask us to  deliver.

 We have been working on projects in India and outside, with a strong work ethics and  above all, commitment to all tasks we take up. 


so, lets do this together 

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